Easy, Visual Editing

  • Click to edit, and start typing.
  • Drag and drop image upload and addition.
  • Instant publishing of changes.
  • Developers control editable content in HTML.
  • Changed content is committed to Git.

Getting started with Spinto's visual WYSIWYG editor is fast and easy. Simpler than a CMS, and no HTML needed.

Why Spinto is great for developers:

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Spinto helps content writers speak the same language as your development team. Developers and designers can preview websites on their laptops with all the latest content. Writers can update content on the live site right on the page. It’s the best of both worlds, and without a traditional CMS.

Sites are completely free during the Beta, so feel free to experiment with new sites any time.

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Once a new site is created, Spinto will give you a Git repository URL for that site. Just clone the repository to start building your site. Let us know if you have any questions by emailing support@spintoapp.com.